How to put in your Haute halo

1. Part the top half of your hair up and secure with a clip/elastic. Leave some parts of your fringe/front of your hair out.

2. Ensure the clips on the halo are closed so that they don't get caught on your hair. Place the halo on your head with the wire about an inch away from the front of your head. (You may need to re-size the wire as the halo needs to sit comfortably around the crown of your head. To re-size the wire, unhook the ends and move onto the next loop in. You can also re-size by holding onto the bead and pulling the wire through. Cut the ends once you are satisfied but make sure to leave a small amount in case you need to loosen or tighten).

3. Release the top half of your hair and brush it over and through the halo so that it both sits comfortably and blends well. Make sure that you have enough hair brushed over at the back of your head to disguise the halo. You may find that you may need to further tighten the wire after doing this. (are the extensions not blending against the cut of your own hair? Extensions work best with hair that is not generally blunt cut, and blends well if it is more wispy or fine towards the ends. You can take your halo to a hairdresser and get them to also cut layers and shape the front to suit your preferences and add texture).

4. Before moving onto styling, un-clip, grasp some hair, and re-secure the clips. These have been added as a little extra security and don't need to be used if you feel comfortable without them. The halo should not move if placed correctly onto your head. 

5. You can now style your hair! As it is human hair you can use heat tools to curl or straighten, however as with your own hair, take precaution with high heat so as to protect your extensions and extend their life. (tip: when curling, grab some of your own hair along with some of the extensions and curl them together so that all of your hair blends well and is curled in the same direction).

6. To remove, undo the clips and pull out from the wire.

How to put in your Haute ponytail

1. Tie your hair up into a ponytail and secure tightly.

2. There is a small comb on the top of the ponytail extensions, slide this into the top of your ponytail.

3. Wrap the hanging hair piece around the hair tie, securing the velcro. Use a bobby pin to clip the end into your hair tie or hair.

Our ponytails come in both straight or wavy! The wavy option is permanently styled.

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