Q. What is the difference between 120g, 160g, 180g and 200g?

A. 120g is the thinnest option we offer and is recommended for very fine hair. 160g works best in average hair, say fairly fine to medium thickness. 180g is a bit thicker so works well with medium to thick hair. 200g is our thickest offering so is great for extra thick hair or if you are after a more glamorous look.


Q. How will I know if my hair will blend with my extensions?

A. If your hair has a blunt cut it will be more difficult to blend. Extensions work best with layers or hair with wispier ends. You can also take your extensions to a hairdresser and they can cut them to blend in better with your hair, and provide some texture.


Q. Can I curl and straighten my extensions?

A. Of course! Our extensions are human hair so can be heat styled, however as with your own hair you will need to take care not to use extreme heat.


Q. Can I dye my extensions?

A. Yes, as it is human hair they can be dyed, however refrain from bleaching or lightening them. If you are unsure that a colour will match your hair, go for a lighter shade and take them to your hairdresser to get dyed a darker colour. Blondes may be toned to achieve an ashy look.


Q. How do I choose the right colour?

A. If you aren't sure on what colour to choose, we offer a Colour Ring Loan where you can purchase our ring of hair colour samples, check against your own hair, and return back to us. You will find more information about this on the listing pages. Another option is that you can order a lighter shade and have it dyed by your hairdresser to suit. Otherwise please send us a photo of your natural hair in natural lighting and we will see if we can help!
Need more peace of mind? All orders come with a tester piece so you can check this against you hair before opening the extensions.

Q. Where do my extensions ship from?

A. Our extensions are made-to-order by our factory overseas then shipped out from our Melbourne headquarters upon close inspection.


Q. How long will my extensions take to arrive?

A. At this stage of our business, all extensions will be made-to-order. This will take approximately 5-7 days before your order is ready to post out, and then is Express posted with a tracking number provided, taking 1-2 days. We advise a delivery period of approximately 7-14 days from order date.


Q. Where is the hair from my extensions sourced from?

A. Our supplier sources our hair from a range of donors and further suppliers out of the Ukraine. It is 100% human remy hair.


Q. What does ‘remy’ hair mean?

A. Remy means that all of the hair strands are going in the same root to tip direction, in line with the natural direction of the hair on our heads. This means that the hair is less likely to get tangled and will last longer.


Q. How do I put in and remove my halo/ponytail?

A. Please see our ‘Tutorials’ section for instructions on how to install and remove.


Q. Will the halo/ponytail damage my hair?

A. Halo’s are the perfect solution if you are concerned about your hair being damaged. They are easily applied, and removed in seconds. The halo is held in place with a wire and has 3 clips that you can choose to clip into your hair or not. This means that there is no damage to your hair! No tapes, glues, beads or sewing required.


Q. How long will my extensions last?

A. It will depend on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them. If cared for and stored in their hanger bag they could last for years! For more information on caring for your extensions, please visit our Hair Care page.


Q. Will the halo wire break?

A. We offer two types of wires with our halos. Your halo will come with a thick non-stretchy wire already attached. This wire is super strong and should not break. There is also a stretchy wire included in your order should you wish to change it over (please see instructions on our Tutorials page on how to change the wire). The stretchy wire is softer and more likely to break if stretched beyond it’s ability which could happen when tightening the wire. Please see our Tutorials page for instructions on how to best tighten your wire.


Q. Will my halo fall off? How does it stay secure?

A. If applied correctly, you can wear our halo all day and all night long without it falling out or even being detected! Please visit our Tutorials page for instructions on how to apply your halo.


Q. I have curly hair, can I still wear halo and ponytail extensions?

A. Yes! You can curl your halo and ponytail, however we also offer pre-curled ponytails! If you are interested in receiving a pre-curled halo, please contact us and we can discuss a custom order for you.


 Q. Can I wear my extensions to the beach or swimming?

A. We strongly suggest that you do not wear your extensions swimming or getting them wet unless you are washing them. They can be worn to the beach or to the pool as long as they are kept dry. It is also suggested to keep a brush with you to keep them smooth and cared for if wearing them outside on a windy day.


 Q. Can I wear my extensions to bed?

A. We suggest removing your extensions before heading off to sleep. This will ensure that they are kept safe and not getting tangled.


If you have any other questions or feedback please send us an email at